5 secrets of delicious coffee from the barista


5 secrets of delicious coffee from the barista

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Ask questions. If they answer you: “This is one hundred percent Arabica” – this is not enough! This means nothing. Even if you are told that this is Colombia, this is not enough, like Guatemala. In the same Guatemala, 8 regions, and each has its own microclimate. Accordingly, this is a very different coffee. Szerszy widok siłowni Here – as with wine! So, ask more questions about how it was processed, fried, how best to brew it. Fitness If the seller is competent, he will even give you recommendations in what proportions to brew a particular coffee. The more recommendations you are given, the more open the suppliers or sellers of coffee, the more likely it is that the coffee will be good and not some kind of no name.

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Most people prefer one hundred percent arabica, do not really like robusta. But if there is a robusta and you are told about it, then it should not be too much. More than 20% is already too much. The taste will be worse: we will lose fruity notes, and the range of aromas will be tougher, sharper. However, if you like, if you like such a strong coffee, then why not? Although robusta is very different: high-quality or cheap and low-quality. Unfortunately, there are still many robustas on the market now. Osobisty trener online However, we are moving away from the time when for years coffee, brought from Italy, was on the shelves in supermarkets, and people bought it and said: “This is Italian coffee, so it is great.”

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And what, what is it Italian? This means nothing. Try not to get attached to brands, to names. Here is coffee – just evaluate. Now there is a lot of literature and courses … Maybe you should look for something more in coffee than just a bitter taste and some kind of aroma …

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3. Roasting coffee at home

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Better to trust experts. Hydroxycuts Hardcore Pro Series – Information resource on bodybuilding and a healthy lifestyle This is a situation where you need to have experience. Many in the pursuit of freshness of coffee want to roast it themselves at home, but there is a risk of spoiling it. If coffee is roasted in a professional roaster, then this happens with the help of hot air, and it does not apply to hot metal. If you roast coffee at home, in a pan – you can burn it outside, but inside it will not be roasted, not developed … and then you just ruin your coffee impression.

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